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Cornwall, UK

This trip was nothing but spontaneous. Charlotte and I woke up on a Tuesday morning, completed our necessary chores and then decide between us that we'd head down to see her Grandma in the beautiful Cornwall.

We set off on the 5 hour drive down to a little town near St Austell called Gorran Haven. It's a beautiful little seaside village with a population of just over 1,000 people. It's small, it's quaint and it's bloody lovely to be able to go and visit.

Because we decided to leave midway through the day it took us until late in the evening to get down there and by that time the sun had set so we had to wait until the next morning in order to get out and explore.

The next morning was lovely as you can see from the picture above, minimal clouds in the sky and quite nice temperatures considering that we're still in February. We woke up and headed down to the beach where we took full advantage of the sunshine and got some lovely pictures.

After out little morning walk down at the beach we headed back to Grandmas house before we headed down to Mevagissy which is a small fishing village about a mile down the coast from Gorran Haven.

We were going for one reason and one reason only... fish and chips! Fresh fish and tasty chips caught that very morning by the local fishermen! I can't recommend The Harbour Tavern enough! I ate every single bit of my fish and chips, it was delightful! 

After grabbing a bite to eat Charlotte and Grandma went shopping and I went for a walk along the harbour where I eventually found a little bay where I went for a little climb across the rocks and found some awesome rock pools. I didn't hang around for too long though as the tide was on it's way in and I didn't want the embarrassment of being rescued by a local.

After my little clamber on the rocks I headed to the end of the harbour. Mevagissy is such a beautiful little fishing village. From the top where we parked you get a much clearer view of where I walked.

After our little stroll around Mevagissy we headed home to plan tomorrows trip over to a not so secret waterfall on the northern side of the Cornish coast.

Now, the waterfall in question is near Tintagel in northern Cornwall. It took us around an hour to get there from Gorran Haven. A beautiful scenic drive across the county with some sunshine taking us over there which promptly disappeared just as we arrived.

When you arrive there is a small car park which is free and then you've got a 30 to 40 minute hike up the valley until you reach the waterfall. On the hike up there it's beautiful. You follow the stream that's coming from the waterfall and it's so pretty, here take a look.

When you get up to the top of the valley you're treated by a small cafe which is perfect considering the hike isn't for the faint hearted, it gets a little steep towards the end. But otherwise it's gorgeous on the way up there.

After paying the entrance fee for the waterfall (£4.95 each) we headed down and were soon distracted from having to pay for a natural wonder by the natural wonder itself.


If you're down near Tintagel then St Nectan's Glen is somewhere you HAVE to go and visit. it's such an amazing spectacle and they even supply you with free wellies so that you can get as close to the waterfall as you dare!

It was on the way back home to Gorran Haven that our trip was cut short when Charlotte got a call to say she had to be in London the next day. So we went home, packed our bags and left the next morning. I'm already looking forward to the next time me and Charlotte go down to Cornwall to see what we discover next!